Peru: A New Start of the Year

by Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

The work of UPF in Peru continues to be recognized by other institutions. In a recent Seminar organized by the President of the College of Conciliators and Arbitrators of Peru together with other international institutions, Dr. Trevor Jones, President of UPF Peru received a Certificate of Recognition and a Trophy for his professional services for the community and Peru, promoting the Culture of Peace.

The first general meeting of 2018 for the Ambassadors for Peace of Peru was held in the Club Arab Palestine in Monterrico, Lima. 50 Ambassadors gathered together, enjoying a traditional Arabian menu in the restaurant before meeting.

Dr. Jones shared international news and also explained the need to renew the Peace Council of UPF Peru. Many ambassadors shared their opinions about the committees and registered to be part of the new structure. At the end of the meeting Mr. Damin Awad, President of the Palestine Cultural Association presented 60th anniversary pins of the club to Dr. and Mrs. Jones in recognition of their work for peace.

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