Paraguay: Inauguration of YSP

Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

On February 24, 2018, “YOUTH & STUDENTS FOR PEACE (YSP) PARAGUAY: Jóvenes y Estudiantes para la Paz – Capitulo Paraguay” has been officially launched.

The event was attended by 120 people, including volunteers from “Global Peace Academy (GPA)”, “Young Volunteers from Paraguay”, “Save the Lagoon”, “Cayman Rugby Club” and representatives of the municipality of Itá.

The Municipal Councilor, Dr. Diana Jimenez, welcomed those present and expressed the full support of the municipal authorities for the activities.

The President of “Save the Lagoon”, Mr. Oscar Pintos, declared open the activities oriented to service and education to be carried out this year 2018.

The President of YSP/YFWP, Dr. Roque Antonio Benitez, spoke about the Vision, Mission, Direction, Objectives and Initiatives of the YSP.

On this occasion we have named 5 new ambassadors for Peace, they are: Adalia Yudith Gomez, Adrian Alonso Patiño, Cesar Rodrigo Baez, Christopher Fabian Garcete Benitez and Mara Gomez.

During the event we had an entertaining mix of artistic interpretations, on the other hand Ramón Rodriguez, guest artist of honor, delighted us with a repertoire of folk music on acoustic guitar and Nari Alegre, volunteer at CARP performed a Paraguayan Dance with the theme “Streams and Estuaries”.

After sharing a moment of refreshment and cultural exchange, we proceeded to plant 200 trees of native and fruit species at “Spring Park” in San Antonio neighborhood and at the main avenue in the New Hope neighborhood, both at Itá city, giving continuity to the “Paraguay Verde Forestation Project”. We thank GPA and MIDORI NO KAI for the collaboration for our work of caring for the environment.

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