Liberia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU Liberia

Rev. Joel Lindstrom from America, who is a friend with Rev. Murphy Brown of Liberia on Facebook through a conversation asked him if he knew about the Senegal event and he hadn’t. He shared some of True Parents’ words and videos with him and he asked many questions after which he got so Inspired and asked to be connected with the local branch in Liberia. Rev Lindstrom connected him with the National leader in Liberia and requested some education for him.

FFWPU Liberia scheduled a workshop on the 15th of March 2018.  A one-day Divine Principle workshop was held for him and his congregation which concluded with true family value education and a blessing program. 97 participants were in attendance and 8 previously married couples received the blessing.

The event was held at the CITY OF REFUGE MINISTRY WORLDWIDE which is Headed by Rev. Murphy Browne located in Paynesville Liberia. The program was graced by Reverend, Pastors and well-wishers. The Presentations were given by Rev. Pamela S M Mwanga National Leader and Pastor John P Teayah Vice National Leader. The blessing program was officiated by Pastor John P. Teayah.

Four pastors participated in the blessing ceremony and have asked that the program be held in their churches also. Presently they are mobilizing and setting dates for the Divine Principle workshop and Blessing program.


  • Mrs. Josie Doe expressed her gratitude for the teaching of the True Parents which will bring her closer to heavenly Parent, because she did not know that he was a sad God because of the fall, she promised to live a pure life from now on wards.
  • Mrs. Miatta Gould promised to mobilize many couples because she feels that such a message a hope for peace and a happy family.
  • Mr. Joseph Hills said that he was glad to be a part of this very important workshop to receive the DP lecture; he said that he wants to attend more workshops so that he can also become a lecture because he wants to teach his community the new truth. He said that he was grateful to True Parents.
  • Mr. James Siryon gives a testimony about his family life about many mistakes he made and was happy that the opportunity was given him through the 40-day separation to repent and make a new start. He said that he was happy to start a new family life leaving the past behind.

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