Ghana: Character Education

by Marthe Whyte, WFWP Ghana

WFWP GHANA has been visiting schools in Accra and providing Character Education to pupils and students in Primary, Junior High and Senior High schools. Every academic year, Ghana Education Service gives an authorization to WFWP Ghana to carry on these programs in many schools.

After all these five years of Character Education under the theme of HIV/AIDS and the future of our youth, WFWP Ghana has collaborated with the second Generation in Accra to establish starting from this Academic year 2018, Abstinence clubs in the schools after each talk on Character Education. The clubs are known as WAIT CLUBS. We intends involving more second generation in the club activities in schools.

Since the beginning of the 2017/2018 Academic Year, we met hundreds of students from various schools in Accra and its suburbs.

On February 14th, 2018, we met over 250 students in Golden Light School, located at Lomnava, a suburb of Accra. The students and their teachers received character education and they were exposed to the dangers of premature sex and all the related sexually transmitted diseases.  The students were encouraged to opt for a life of abstinence before marriage.

As a follow up on our character Education in abstinence clubs in schools, WAIT CLUBS have been launched recently in Progressive Faith Preparatory School and   in The Lizabeth International school, both located in Accra.   About hundred students have registered and joined the clubs. The main Patrons of the WAIT CLUB are second generation from Ghana, led by Miss Diana Joo Yeon Nkatia.

The headmasters of both schools allocated Fridays and Saturdays as their clubs’ activities days. All These students will be invited for the future launch of Youth and students for Peace in Ghana.

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