France: Hyojeong Winter Youth Camp

by Lauren Drevici, FFWPU France

A HARP Workshop took place from Thursday 22 to Tuesday 27, 2018 in our Chamarande training Center, in the south of Paris. Under the direction of young leaders from the Paris CARP-House, such as Inoë André, Takeyuki Koyama and Lauren Drevici, the seminar brought together some 30 young people, aged 9 to 17, from all regions of France as well as many from Paris region; A good opportunity for young people to meet each other, to create bonds of friendship and to realize their values in the eyes of God.

There were quality guidelines, given by elder brothers such as Richard Affi, Takeyuki Koyama, Raphael Guignard, Alexandre Huard, Simon Marion and Inoë André, allowed young people to address important themes, such as the Principle of Creation, Identity, Purity, the three hearts of God and our Unification movement. All this punctuated by sports, games and various joyfull activities; the participants also received advice as to the testimony of their value from those around them.

This workshop was ultimately a great source of inspiration for the staff regarding today’s young people, especially considering the great difference in society between generations. Society evolves, there are new form of joy, brought by new technology, such as virtual meetings, the sending of photos and ephemeral videos. We are more and more satisfied with joy at short range, and we do not seek directly lasting happiness. What can we learn from that? After all, if we are happy like that?! There is also the harsh reality of the numerous divorces in many unificationist families. To see in the eyes of few young people how deeply their parents’ divorce had been hard to go through was a moving experience. The family is not it the foundation of our values? How to instill in these young people the happiness of a united and happy family if they themselves do not had the example of their parents? We must strive helping them to become good people despite these difficulties, to let them know that they still have something beautiful in them.

Finally, the need to do this kind of workshop more often for these young Harppies was clearly felt. Also, we need to have a discussion with our leaders to see how we could organize better the actual French HARP group.

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  1. thank you so much for such a nice workshop, our son Yoshinori was very happy and glad that he could participate!

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