Finland: A Revival Meeting

By Hannu Hassinen, FFWPU Finland

From January 26 to 29, 2018 Rev. David Hanna with his wife Mrs. Kyung Ja Hanna, visited Finland, one of the countries of their Northern European region. This year the real winter with usual calm freezing temperatures was delayed, so the capital city Helsinki wasn’t dressed in its best beautiful white gown of bright snow as usual in this time of the year to welcome our guests.

Then, even more we the Unificationist community welcomed them heartily on their first visit here. As a prelude the Hannas joined several brothers and sisters and a wider audience to listen to a viola-concert by a 16-year old Second Generation young lady Julie Svacinova in one of the modern church buildings in East-Helsinki.

After the concert of 1,5 hours the Hannas visited the artist’s home for sharing with her parents and siblings, too, over a cup of tea.

The Saturday started with an early morning prayer at the Holy Ground in a sea-side park.  Then the young people of the community got together for a family-type sharing at community hall, the venue of our events this weekend.

Later in the afternoon elder sisters took their turn and spent time with the Hannas sharing and discussing topics of common concern.

The major event of that day was at noon the publicizing of the Finnish language edition of the Exposition of the Divine Principle, – fresh from the printing house.

True Parents’ fundamental teaching in Finnish was finally in full and coloured version in our hands. It is the result of a diligent, high-quality translation work by four Second Generation youth over a period of four years.

Rev. Hanna in his remarks said that even the hard work of translation that it has been, is relatively small compared to the impact that it will have on people and the nation: thousands, tens of thousands of people will be reading God’s word in their mother tongue, – and it will transform their lives and the nation!

We concluded the memorable event with an uplifting unison greeting to True Parents: Cham-bumonim malssum kamsahamnida! – Thank You True Parents for the Heavenly Word!

On the Saturday evening the UPF had called together persons from African expatriate groups to hear Dr. Hannas sharing about the African Summit. It was altogether a spirited fellowship and networking, including also an earlier MP and long-time Ambassador for Peace warmly endorsing the cooperation of all partners for the future of Africa.

The following day in his sermon Rev. Hanna first shared about his personal path to the Unification faith, continuing to unfold the words from Isaiah to our present time “Make the Highway for our God”. The highway with True Parents’ foundation is there – Let’s go and bring others, too!

Uplifting guidance that we took to our hearts.

The lunch time after the Sunday service was filled with a lot of talking in a bubbling atmosphere as usual. For many a chance to get to know and mix with the Hanna couple.

That evening and following day included a couple of visits to special sights in Helsinki, notably the unique architecture of a modern church built inside a rock, with a smooth acoustic for concerts. These were memorable days together.

Thank you Rev. and Mrs. Hanna!

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