FFWPU Asia Pacific and Africa HJ Leaders’ Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Asia Pacific

FFWPU Asia Pacific and Africa HJ Leaders’ Workshop was held from March 2nd ,2018 to March 6th ,2018 (6th year of Chon Il Guk, January 15th to 19th) at HJ Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center Chinhwa Education Building B with the 81 participants (Asia: 43, Africa: 19, Oceania: 8, Central Asia: 6, Great China: 5)

This workshop was organized by the Asian Pacific Group Regional Office with the purpose for “Set up the strategic goal to increase regular member through Heavenly Tribal Messiah activity” and Africa Group joined together with the same purpose.  Schedule was, Opening Ceremony as first day, Outing activities to visit “Yongpyeong Resort”, Gagneung, Gyeongpo Beach and Sokcho Pines Resort for experience Ocean Providence (Ocean Fishing) and True Parents’ Footstep as second day, and back to the HJ Cheongpyeong for strategic study for increasing regular membership through HTM as third day and forth day, we study about “Home Group and Leaders’ School” and “Multimedia Divine Principle” as the tool for fulfilling the goal. Last day, based on what we learned for 5 days, we had a strategic meeting divided into the each continent and concluded as Closing Ceremony. All the schedule after third day, was started “Morning Devotion Hoon Dok Hae” as Internal Guidance centering on Dr. Chung Sik Yong as Group Chairman of Aisan Pacific Region.

As long as purpose of this workshop is “Increasing Regular Member through Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activity”, centering on Rev. Kajikuri Masatate, Secretary General of Asian Pacific Region, he emphasized the basic attitude and motivation for organizing this workshop and brain stormed for concrete method to fulfill this goal. For Heavenly Tribal Messiah, there is three stages as activity, to give holy wine and hold blessing ceremony to 430 couples as first stage, to let 430 couples to 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony as second stage, and to make 430 couples as regular member as third stage. In order to reach till three stage, we learned exact method through study case from each nation.

Asia Pacific Region already reached second stage, and as third stage already brought the victory as 12 tribe (3 tribes from Thailand, Philippines and Nepal, 2 tribes from Cambodia and 1 tribe from Malaysia). As next step for 2018, Dr. Yong has vision to make “Model Province” as each province bring the victory for 120 HTM (each tribe will bring around 1,000 membership, so as 120 HTM means 120,000 membership) and Asia Pacific Region will make 12 model provinces, so as 1.2 million membership. And not only Asian Pacific Region but also Africa Region determined to accomplish this goal. Increasing regular member means, we have to be financial self-reliance. Even outside society, professional lecturer earns a lot of money, we have to be financial independence as professional Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

Since before we didn’t have a data base system, Rev. Kajikuri showed the monitoring result from last year June up to now, gave the award for those nations fulfilled the goal to increasing 30% regular membership, tithing and worship attendance. Through this, regional office encourage not only those nations didn’t fulfilled increasing 30% but also for those nations fulfilled the increasing 30% would not satisfy only 30% increasing but determined to increasing 10 times membership up for 2018.

As study case for “Increasing Regular Membership through Heavenly Tribal Messiah”, Cambodia (VIP Education to HTM Activities), Thailand (To produce regular member from HTM area and their education system), Nepal (Model HTM Area and for that creation of environment and success HTM case’s testimony) and Philippines (Data base system for HTM and that education material and testimony for model HTM) gave the presentation. And after those presentation, in order for pioneer nations which didn’t fulfill HTM to success HTM, there was a time for question and answer and group discussion. Malaysia case study about the success case for the Home Group encourage the nation which is difficult to do the systematic HTM activity (such as Muslim nation or communist nation) gave the big encouragement for pioneer nations.

Prof. Young Hwan Gil, Education itinerary worker  to Asian Pacific Region,  presentation about the “Home Group and Leader School”,  gave not only encouragement but also concrete method not only build up Heavenly Tribal Messiah but also the vision how to sustain Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities to settle down as our eternal True Parents’ Foundation. At the same time, Rev. Chanook Yoon, Deputy Continental Director of Central Asia, gave the presentation for “Multimedia Divine Principle Education”, which is following the globalization era through the internet. This presentation gave new impression to the audience not only follow for the new technology global era through internet but also creation of environment through online witnessing and visualized Divine Principle lecture. “One Family Under Wifi” became one of our fashionable words for our participants of “Asian Pacific and African HJ Leaders’ Workshop”.

What it makes special for this workshop was the Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s internal guidance as “Morning Devotion Hoon Dok Hae”. “Four Great Legacies in Age of Cheon Il Guk”(1. Tithing, 2. Worship, 3. Life of Attendance, 4. Life of Trinity), “Gratitude Changes My Lfie” and “Roadmap for Building Cheon Il Guk”. Through these internal guidance, participants as a leader recognized leaders need to be a model, and put into practice for nation building to Cheon Il Guk and planted the clear vision for Restoration of Kingship. “Morning Devotion Hoon Dok Hae” was really good opportunity for participants to go back to the original point of life of faith.

Through the closing remark from Rev. Sharng Soen Park, Continental Director to Oceania, participants made strong determination for victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiah in each nation, not only that but also to promote HTM members as regular members. And through the closing remark from Chanook Yoon, centering on strategic nation, open the era of 1.2 million membership in Asia Pacific Region. With that determination, participants went back to their mission field. This workshop was success with the determination from Rev. Masatate Kajikuri who completely align with Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s vision. And special thanks to President Dal Ok Shin from Yongpyeong Resort, Director Sun Dae Kim from Sokcho Pine Resort and President Hak Son Kim from Il Shin Sokchae.

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