Famicon 2018: America’s Spirit


Prepared by FFWPU USA

[From March 11 to 16, 2018] Over 200 national leaders and representatives from all around the nation convened in Las Vegas for Famicon 2018, the leadership conference for Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, determined to work together to move toward the future goals of the Unification movement.

Before Famicon began in the evening, several of the participants who arrived early attended Sunday service at the Cheon Hwa Gung church. Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America Dr. Ki Hoon Kim delivered the Sunday sermon, highlighting the winning spirit of America that uplifts others and True Parents: “America is the winning team. Let us bring this spirit back to America and bring a smile to True Parents.”

After excited Famicon participants arrived at the International peace Education Center (IPEC), settled down, and enjoyed a delicious dinner, it was time for the orientation to set the tone for the rest of the conference. President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA Rev. Richard Buessing opened the orientation, saying, “We are gathered here to hear more about True Parents’ life course and how they lived for the sake of the entire world, sacrificing everything, so we can inherit their heart and share this heart with others.” Famicon 2018 features a special focus on True Parents’ life course, with Rev. Masayuki Kachi, one of the best Divine Principle lecturers from Japan, serving as the main lecturer.

Dr. Kim then delivered the main message of the orientation, repeating the importance of America’s role in fulfilling God’s providence in the orientation, as he discussed in the Sunday service earlier that day. He reminded those in attendance the significance of America’s position as the elder son nation:

What does elder son mean? You received the foundation from your parents. America inherited foundation of Korea and Japan. We have the father’s spirit (Korea) and the mother’s spirit (Japan) together. Using this foundation, we must build a foundation stronger than ever before and stand for the sake of other countries. This is what it means to be in the elder son position, where America stands. That is why we, as representatives of America, must stand as leaders for the world.

After presenting about the various activities of the Unification movement by many different organizations, Dr. Kim emphasized that through working together, we can create a witnessing environment, thereby propelling us to achieve not only the goals for 2018, but also 2020.

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