East Europe Heavenly Tribal Messiah Challengers Workshop


by Alexei Saveliev, FFWPU East Europe

This seminar was inspired by the First Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors workshop in Korea February 18-20th. I did feel that we have to learn from victors of Heavenly Tribal Messiah all over the world to make 2018 as a Heavenly Tribal Messiah year in East Europe.

While being in Korea I was networking with key leaders of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and asked their support for this workshop in East Europe. Also East Europe territory is so big that’s why I chose the Zoom as instrument to connect Heavenly Tribal Messiah challengers with each other and with Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors from other regions.

Workshop was held on March 17 to 18, 2018, and total 7 nations joined: Azerbaijani, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. We had 31 families, or total of 61 participants.

Our 3 goals were:

  1. Get conviction of fulfill Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission and support Vision 2020.
  2. Make a team of challengers Heavenly Tribal Messiah in East Europe.
  3. Make tactics and action steps for Spring and Summer 2018 for Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Balcomb has opened the workshop from France sharing the deep Heart of True Mother coming to Vienna and importance of making first steps in Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

Then we heard a special lecture of Rev.Yong, which was given during Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop. It was translated from Korean to Russian directly. His 9 points was very important to understand the whole foundation of Heavenly Tribal Messiah all over the world.

Heavenly Tribal Messiah victors from USA Acevedo families, 3 pastors from Africa, including Mr. Wone, Mr.Dankly from USA, Mr.and Mrs. Vergara from Asia and Mr. and Mrs.Earle from Europe shared their amazing stories, honestly and sincerely.

All the time I had to stop members asking questions to follow the schedule. That much they were eager to learn.

We concluded seminar with Mr. Corley, regional president. We are going to have another workshop in May. As a team we will support challengers of Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission based on their action plans.

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