DR Congo: Celebration of UN International Women’s Day


Prepared by WFWP DR Congo

On March 1, 2018, from 11:00 to 13:00, there was an unusual phenomenon occurred in the sky of Matadi, a town in central Congo province: the sun was surrounded by a large golden circle, it was amazing and wonderful. We remembered that this year is the year of the golden dog and that Our True Mother, during her visit to Senegal said: “Africa is the mother of humanity and this word means ‘Light’; I am the real mother, there is nothing that a mother cannot do for her children. If Africa unites with me, I will make her a heavenly Africa. Seeing this golden circle appear one day after the fifth anniversary of the day of the foundation, we feel a heavenly sign for God’s providence in our country.

Based on this desire, FFWPU DR Congo gave blessing of marriage to some VIPs and Ambassadors for peace, among those who are responsible in governmental office around our cities.

This time to hold our gather we made an announcement in our local radio channel. We mentioned that WFWP DR Congo is going to have an event in in the synodal hall of the Evangelical Church of the Congo on the occasion of UN Women’s Day with the theme: “Investing in the Productive Power of Rural Women – the absolute sexual ethics for peace and justice in DR Congo”.

In response to the advertisement, many people wanted to be connected to us. People from city mayor office and city and a lady the prosecutor of the republic wish to be part of the event. Then the churches, the schools, neighborhoods and almost all layers of the society joined this conference. The traditional leaders who followed the announcement on the radio did not want to miss this opportunity. So the police came to secure and welcome the authority and everything happened like during an official state event: reviewing the troops, greeting the officials including the provincial president of the FFWPU DR Congo and the provincial president of the WFWP DR Congo, national anthem, prayer by the Attorney General of the Luozi Court of Appeal, introducing the delegations, opening remarks by the Deputy Administrator of the Ministry of Finance, word of the head of gender , families and children, then word from the president of Luozi women’s organizations. The vocal choir ‘vocal women’ of the ECC sang two songs and the students of two schools offered beautiful performances.

We had by 528 registered participants, and there were 100 students as well. The program included two parts: the presentation about WFWP, its founder and its activities worldwide and in Congo. Then the grand choir of the Kilombo Church of the CEC offered a beautiful song which moved all the whole assembly to dance.

After that, we had a lecture by MNA Anastasie Ndombele, the provincial president of the WFWP on absolute sexual ethics on the way to bring peace and justice in our country. She talked about the dangers of free sex and the benefits of absolute sex. She emphasized the disadvantages of free sex that creates a school of hate, starting point for the low producer of society. It is the beginning of a palace, of false love, false life and false lineage because being a Self-centered Love (Egoist) that leaves disorders and conflicts, while the life of abstinence before marriage and fidelity in the couple creates a school of love, starting point for the productive force of society is one. Love for the sake of others and not for oneself bring order in the family and trust and leaves peace and stability. But in reality, most of our families are far from the Ideal. Many people remember their family as a source of pain and suffering instead of a source of love and joy. The sexual organ is really mysterious and has a sacred value. Sex is the door of love, life and lineage, it is through marriage that sex accomplishes its sacred purpose. Also marriage allows us to ensure the commitment, the security, the protection and the confidence of husband and wife, in short fidelity between husband and wife.

Two days later, our delegation went to the general hospital to give some gifts to children born during the month of March and the first born on March 8 which was a girl. Her father is an evangelist of the CEC.

This was the first event of this year of the golden sun in Congo Central which is the year of Africa and a year of the Golden Dog and our first offering after the victory of the fifth anniversary of the day of the foundation. It was also for the first time that we had such a conference, thanks to the first woman in the universe, our True mother.

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