Central African Republic: Heavenly Tribal Messiah


Prepared by FFWPU Central African Republic

On February 11, 2018, we held an Interreligious Blessing Festival for Peace at the FFWPU Headquarters in the city of Ouango / located at the 7th district (5 km from Bangui, Capital of Central African Republic). Out of of 129 people attending the event, six couples previously married were blessed.

They are all related to the National Leader Couple and his nephew Monzebe Mathias, residing in Berlin / Germany.

Four Pastors were present at this event, NDJOTENE Nestor, founder of the Revival Baptist Mission Church, TEKENZE Claver, DONGBO Florent and POUTOU Jean Pierre from the Church named “the Great Crusade of Evangelization”.

This Ceremony was successfully held thanks to the support of Monzebe Mathias 360000 Couples, Pastor of Berlin and Mrs. Annegret Landwehr 2075 Couples, Missionary in Africa and the Caribbean from 1975 to 2000 (in Africa: Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon), who came to Central African Republic as part of a project to build a school and improve health care in Bagandou village supported by IRFF and Germany Community.

The National Leader gave a presentation on the meaning of Blessing and spoke about the challenges that the couples must overcome to establish an ideal family. The couples themselves came from different religious denominations, Protestant and Catholic.

The whole atmosphere was great and relaxed. The couples expressed that this Blessing was for them a very pleasant experience and a way to make a new start in their life. Especially a couple said that it was a profound spiritual experience.

The festival was enhanced by the FFWPU New Hope Choir, which received a gift of a guitar offered by the Missionaries.

We are planning an educational and practical program for tracking newly blessed couples.



Annegret Landwehr 2075 Couples, one of the first Missionaries in Africa of 1975: I thank the organizers of this Blessing Festival. I would like you to know that this is the result of an investment by our True Parents who sent the Missionaries in 1975, of which I was a part.

For those who received the blessing today, never forget how much True Parents have suffered to achieve this goal, Remember that it is thanks to True Parents we have received the Blessing. There is no hope without True Parents. Do your best to educate your children to achieve the ideal of family.

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