Burundi: Ismael Was Indeed a Special Brother

A Report on Seonghwa Ceremony of our brother Ismael Natwigira


A Letter to True Mother from Rev. Ismael Natwigira

I humbly come before you True Mother the only begotten daughter of God the perfect one to have given me the opportunity to participate in this historical event which is going to happen in African in Senegal.

My conviction is that: when True Mother will step the land of African many people will get spiritual and physical healing; I hope that all those guests who will be there will discover their Parents.

I trust that all my guests from Burundi will implement whatever they will be taught about UPF in my country.

This event will purify African and people who trust in True Parents will receive the heavenly fortune and that blessing will be spread even to those who do not know True Parents so that they may be convinced and follow them.

In this summit I am like a container which is going to be filled by True Mother’s blessings and I will take them to my Country Burundi.

My eyes will see the first time True Mother and that has a great meaning in my life, my family and my nation if I assume well my portion of responsibility.

I would like not to finish because there are many things to talk about this summit but I want to say welcome to Africa in Senegal

Thanks a lot My Beloved True Mother


By Edwin Plekhanov, FFWPU Burundi

After the victory of the World Summit in Senegal, Africa and investment of True Mother we embarked for the preparation of sending the remains of the National Leader of Burundi, Rev. Ismael Natwigira. We had the body arrived at the at the airport accompanied by the National leader of Somalia. Members accompanied us at the airport were the National leader of Kenya, Rev. Kililo, Rev. Edwin Plakhenov of Cameroon, Madam Susan, Ismael’s wife, and members of the FFWPU Burundi as well as his immediate family members.

From the Airport the body was brought to the FFWPU HQ of Burundi. And there, the Gwi Hwan (Returning) ceremony was conducted. Among the guests we had a Senator accompanied by a member of Parliament. He spoke about his feeling after he had been informed of the news. He encouraged the members and offered a vehicle to support transportation.

All members offered flowers to Ismael in a high spirit with prayers and singing holy songs. Many members gave moving testimonies about exemplary life of faith of Ismael. He was indeed a special brother to all of us who lived a simple and strait life.

The Seunghwa Ceremony was conducted at Citadell with over 600 participants, including the former PRESIDENT of Burundi, His excellency Honorable Ndaiyzeye Domitien, the Governor, three senators, some of whom had attended the summit and two members of Parliament, members of FFWPU Burundi, extended family members, students and teachers of the school, the late leader was teaching and well-wishers.

The Africa Group Chairman, Rev. Camara, gave the Seunghwa message and concluded by handing over the Calligraphy from True Parent to Madam Susan. The calligraphy says: “A Person Devoted to the Absolute Victory of the Restoration of the Fatherland”

Madam Susan was controlling herself throughout the program. But children broke into tears when they saw their father’s remains. This actually made everyone weep. Specially the extended families were overcame with emotions, crying and wailing at the beginning, but were encouraged by the words of the Rev. Camara and could be able to control themselves.

After the Seunghwa we proceeded to Mbanda burial site for the Won Jeon ceremony. Most of the members participated in euk mansei. Madam Susan encouraged all the participants assuring them that Ismael was a holy man, so has moved to a Holy place and therefore they should not be sad. She said what Ismael said about their lack of unity and the only way was to receive the blessing. They listened attentively as there was total silence as she spoke.

This ceremony was a way of witnessing, since the message of our True Parents was shared to whole congregation which was a very moving message. After the message, there was no more interruption with crying and wailing.The presence of the former president and his message gave positive image of our organization. Also members of parliament spoke positively of our organization.

During the Won Jeon Ceremony, flowers were offered by the International HQ, Cameroon, Kenya, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Zambia, Cote d’ Ivoire and Burundi were offered.

Then Rev. Camara gave a very impressive and meaningful message on spiritual development and eternal life.

The Former President and his wife hosted the Regional Chairman Rev. Camara, together with the National Leaders of Cameroon, Kenya and Somalia.

He expressed his concern about the lack of peace in his country and his disappointment with the religious teaching who only pray but don’t restrain from harming each other. He said that he hopes UPF can be able to bring True Peace.

He explained his different view of understanding the three levels of life’s from womb, then on earth and to spirit world.  He said people waste a lot of time on earth doing irrelevant things because they do not understand life earth is just a preparation like in the life in the womb. We tossed for peace in Burundi.


  • This is the first time members in Burundi attend a SeongHwa Ceremony and they were all impressed. They all were full of gratitude to God and True Parents. And other members who came from others nations, supported them
  • The atmosphere of the center was familial and departed to the commune in funeral
  • The physical family members who are not church members, cooperated and supported the church members in conducting the ceremony, though they were still struggling with the new reality.
  • Mother of Madam Susan (the mother in law of Ismael) was impressed by the ceremonies and attended the Sunday service the next day. And she invited us to teach the Divine Principle to her husband in preparation for the Blessing.

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  1. Kamran Nchia says:

    Much gratitude to our True Mother for coming to Africa. Brother Ishmael is a symbol of filial heart for Africa and through his Seonghwa, I believe many Africans will resurrect and receive the blessing.

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