Benin: Celebration of UN International Women’s Day

Prepared by WFWP Benin

We like all the women’s organizations in the world, celebrated on March 14, 2018 the International Women’s Day 2018 edition at the Embassy of Peace. The celebration was dedicated to women’s education and the distinction of Ambassadors for Peace.

In this context, Mrs. Ehouman Blandine, first vice-president of the WFWP benin, in charge of education gave a first conference on the role of women in the education of the Heart and sustainable development.

Based on the theme chosen by the UN: “The time has come: rural and urban activists are transforming women’s lives,” Ms. Ehouman demonstrated to the women present that they are very important in the development and restoration of this world. So she urged women to wake up and take responsibility for changing the course of history, positively impacting their environment so that the history retains their names.

Then in her second lecture, Mrs. Ehouman addressed five universal principles of the Peace Ambassadors. During the event six women have been nominated as Ambassadors for Peace. They have promised to work harder to strengthen peace and work to restore families for building a world of lasting peace.

We then organized fundraising for birth certificates for 100 needy children who are candidates for the Primary Study Certificate (CEP). A family photo and a cocktail party ended this celebration.

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