Angola: Celebration of International Women Day


Prepared by FFWPU / WFWP Angola

On March 28, 2018, we hold an event, in cooperation with CIMUK (The Counsel of the Christian Churches – Kilamba Kiaxi) on the occasion of UN International Women Day 2018.

The event was held at the main hall of the headquarters of the New Apostolic church in Luanda with more than 1000 participants.

Members of many churches attended the event as the hall was packed and as they have mentioned in their reflection, they all were impressed with the content of the lecture about the role of family in the world, given by Rev. Kinambuta Sambu Pedro.

Among our participants we had two VIPs, the mayor, Mr. KILAMBA KIAXI and the representative of the ministry of family and the promotion of woman.

At the end of the event we gave true father autobiography to some of VIPs. Many Churches asked FFWPU Angola and WFWP Angola to organize seminars in their places in near future.

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