Albania: Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

We held a “Family Festival and the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” that was held in the city of Vlora, the first such event here!

Our motto during these days before the event while we were working to make it happen were the words of our True Mother: “Please, remove all thoughts that say ‘this is impossible’. Even in the most difficult nation you should say that this is possible. Spiritual world is ready to help you and has prepared everything for great things to happen. So, I’m saying to you, don’t be an obstacle.” Having this guidance and strong motivation we began our work for the organization of this event. Also, the experience we had from Thailand regarding the activities of Tribal Messiahs had positive results as well.

For the commencement of this activity we decided to focus inside the city of Vlora, but our goal is to extend further also in the rural areas around the city. The ceremony was held on February 24th 2018 in the conference hall of Hotel International Vlora. There were about 120 people attending the event and among them were 25 couples that received the Blessing in marriage.

The activity had Gabor and Lola Vasmatics as MC and the preparing lecture for the Blessing, that was attended with concentration and attention, was given by the coordinator of FFWPU Vlora, Lubin Argjir.

The first complementary speech was from Eva Çipi, chairwoman of UPF Vlora with her husband Kreshnik Çipi, both of which gave an immense support for the organization of this event. And there was the second speech to greet this event was from Dr. Niko Veizaj, member of the National Peace Council, in which he emphasized the importance of the family and of the marriage by referring to the words of True Father that: “…the way to peace in family and in the world is the application of the principle living for others sake that is brought to us from Father and Mother Moon”.

The artistic activity was of a high level. Soprano Elvira Hoxharo, with a rich performing background, entitled Ambassador for Peace, accompanied by two of her talented students of the school “Elite”, were applauded from the participants.

The precious contribute of the CARP members was noticed from their passion since a long time with their preparations for their group dance.

After the Eok Mansei cheers, the final pictures and the cocktail, the enthusiasm of the couples was very apparent. During the whole time we have received congratulatory and encouraging messages from the participants. The work with the couples Blessed in marriage on Saturday will continue further on with their education.

A special thanks goes to all the brothers and sisters that contributed in the successful organization of this important event.

Let’s hope that we can bring more and more victories for Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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