Albania: Establishing Local Peace Council


Prepared by UPF Albania


On February 17th 2018 another Peace Council of Universal Peace Federation was establish. This time in Bilisht city.

After explaining the main Peace Principles of UPF and our main activities in Albania, 10 important people of the city got the Peace Ambassador certificate. Intellectuals, businessmen, artists joined UPF in this region.

Second part of the program continued with the elections of the Chairman and Vice-chairmen. In the end 4 people were chosen to lead this Peace Council. 1 chairman and 3 vice-chairmen.

The artistic club of the city had prepared a wonderful performance for the participants.


On Friday, February 16th 2018 in the city of Pogradec was developed an important UPF activity. There, we established the UPF Local Peace Council.

We could organize the activity in the main hall of the municipality, with the maximal support of the major, Mr. Eduart Kapri. During the activity he received the Peace Ambassador certificate and offered to cooperate even more in the future.

Other important figures and VIPs of the city received the Peace Ambassador certificate as well.

At the end of the program the chairman and 2 vice chairmen of this Peace Council were chosen. After, in order to greet the participants an artistic program was prepared.

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