Albania: Establishing Local Peace Council in Librazhd


Prepared by UPF Albania

March 28th 2018 was another important milestone for UPF Albania. On the afternoon of this day, in the city of Librazhd was organized the UPF activity for establishing the Local Peace Council. 35 people participated in the event, among them many important figures of the city.

It’s very wonderful to see how much the VIPs of different cities in our country want to welcome UPF in their communities. They are very inspired to listen to UPF’s founders vision, and they are promising to work hard in order for this vision to spread wide all over Albania.

Working with UPF’s Local Peace Councils, and different cities VIPs, is for us and effective way for creating the right environment for witnessing, as one of the three main areas of the providence.

Our plan is to distinguish among the Ambassadors for Peace some Abel figures, with whom we can share the Divine Principle lectures as well as True Mother’s expectations for our country as a strategic country. In this line, we will organize next weekend a 4-day Divine Principle lecture for some of the Ambassadors for Peace.


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