Albania: Establishing Local Peace Council in Dibër

Prepared by UPF Albania

On Monday, March 26th 2018 in the city of Peshkopia, region of Dibër, was organized an important UPF activity for this region. We could finally establish there the UPF Local Peace Council. With the support of local governmental institutions, we could organize the activity in the main hall of the municipality.

35 important figures of this regions participated in the event. After explaining the vision and the work of UPF, by Mr. Gani Rroshi, president of FFWPU Albania, 9 people got the certificate of Ambassador for Peace. In the end, the elections of the UPF local peace council chairperson and 2 vice-chairpersons took place.

The event was moderated by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, vice-president of FFWPU Albania. Then an important figure of the city, Mr. Hajri Laçi, chairman of regional council greeted the event and supported the mission and vision of UPF. Next person who greeted the event was Mrs. Donika Hysenaj, general secretary of the regional prefecture. She was also elected as chairwoman of UPF in Dibër. Then, one of the first Peace Ambassadors of the city, and father of 2 daughters who are members of FFWPU, Mr. Ramazan Tema shared his experience as Peace Ambassador. After her speech, Mr. Gaqo Apostoli chairman of UPF Albania explained what it means to become a Peace Ambassador, and how much important and serious is this title.

During the cocktail in the end of the activity all the participants expressed their gratitude for establishing UPF in their city. They also expressed their desire to work hard for spreading the vision of UPF.

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