2018 Asia Tour – HyoJeong Cheongpyeong Special Taiwan Event


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

Thanks so much for Cheongpyeong Tour to Taiwan which we had from March 24 to 25, 2018. Thanks to True Mother for sending absolute good spirits and special angels to clean and separate evil spirits. We can truly feel the spiritual refreshing, internally and externally in all our brothers and sister who participated at the event and for the spiritual background of our church. Under the united heart of leaders and staff, we could have a successful and victorious result with 1600 participants.

Many participants said in their testimonies and reflections that they can feel the same feeling as they are in Cheongpyeong directly and when they pray in prayer room, it is as if they are in Cheongshim won (the prayer hall in Cheongpyeong) .

Especially, Regional Group Chair Dr. Chung-Sik Yong gave an inspiring lectures with his full heart and power in order to encourage all members to complete Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission and own a right faith and heart to welcome Heavenly fortune. Many participants are so inspired and touched by Dr. Yong’s filial heart to God and True Parents.

Many of 70 Seonghwa students put down their mid-term exam and first concentrate on preparing for the entertainment. With the sincere investment, they showed a wonderful performance at the victory celebration.

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