Venezuela: Understanding Absolute Sex

Prepared by CARP, YSP, WFWP Venezuela

On January 27, 2018, we held a one-day seminar, on Divine Principle application in science to make sense about absolute ethics of human sexuality. 20 young students participated at the event which took place in Eurobuilding Hotel.

Getting ready for the countdown from day 700th to Vision 2020, we divided those 700 days in three phases of 210 days each, each divided in three 70-days phases (formation, growth and perfection). The last 70 days are for preparing for the celebration of Victory brought to HP and TP. We started with Conference on Absolute Sex (Jeoldae song) to continue to consolidate our three main goals for Vision 2020: 1) Education to help develop Absolute Sexual Purity assumed as personal life-style. 2) Education for the Holy Blessing and for building an eternal family centered on HP’s and TP’s love, standard and teachings. And, 3) Education for Absolute Politics, to stop and eradicate all ideologies outside the Principles.

This conference explains how the root cause of all human failures is the reverse dominion, through which, instead of sexual organs serving life-project, human beings (God’s children) serve their sexual organs and impulses.

Usually, participants end up so inspired that they keep coming back, until DP WS. This time we had 20 college students and three adults.

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