Venezuela: Five Senses Toward Heaven

Prepared by CARP, YSP Venezuela

14 CARP missionaries from Venezuela, attended more than 80 sportsmen with visual disabilities at the Renacer de Ciegos Sports Club, to participate in the second national tournament of “goal-ball for people with visual disabilities,” under the title “Sports Friendship 2018” Cup, on January 26 and 27, 2018.

On January 25, they conducted a training course to assist people with an absolute lack of vision, during their feeding, hydration and while participating in the tournament of a game adapted for people with this disability. They use a ball that contains jingle bells inside to be able to locate it spatially and thus to stop it and throw it in the correct direction.

It was an experience that sensitized and inspired them to continue serving and preparing to give victory to God and the PV facilitating the recovery of their children.

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