Turkey: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

By Umberto Angelucci, FFWPU Middle East

The wave of the Blessing is passing through the desert lands of the Middle East.

On Sunday February 11, 2018 FFWPU Turkey conducted the first Blessing Ceremony held in the Middle East Region since 1997.The event took place thanks to the devotion of Shikeyuki and Handan Ito/Uncu a Japanese/Turkish Blessed couple who made a strong determination to accomplish their 430 Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission.

On the occasion of the Ito-Uncu Family 18th anniversary of their Blessing on February 13, 2000 they held a dinner at a local hotel and invited their relatives to celebrate with them and to renew their own wedding vows. Ten couples received the Blessing and there were 55 people in attendance to witness this beautiful event. This was a strong foundation for the building of the Ito-Uncu Tribe in Istanbul.

The Couple’s Turkish wife, Handan, explained some background of their international wedding and her interpretation of its significance, testifying to True Parents. Then, her parents both testified their appreciation to their marriage. Backed by the parents’ support, ten couples among their relatives received the Holy Wine and followed main elements of the ceremony, concluding definite ‘YES!’ to the three Vows of Blessing.

Everyone including the other guests were impressed and joyful to the occasion and the message manifested by the ceremony.

Prior to the event, Handan, had a soul- shaking encounter with True Parents through the photo in the Heavenly Scripture. According to her testimony, she experienced the direct presence of True Parents emerging from the photo. She bowed to them deeply and even kissed their feet in profound appreciation, respect and attendance. Around that time, the Regional President indicated his strong commitment to stage a Blessing event before the coming Foundation Day.

She got a strong inspiration about this direction, resolutely challenging an unheard-of project in this country by a single Blessed Couple.

Now the Ito-Uncu Blessed Family are determined to follow-up and educate these new Blessed Couples and many more from her tribe to creae the Heavenly Tribal Messiah substantially here in Istanbul.

In retrospect, it was a long-overdue Blessing event in Turkey, after over a decade of struggles and stagnation in our mission. Thanks to the patient but definite investment of heart, love and endeavors by the Regional President and his wife since three years back, Yoshihiro Yamazaki, acting national leader of Turkey, has been encouraged to come to this stage back again. His wife, Sachiyo Yamazaki came to Istanbul from Japan only one week before the even to assume the officiator’s position together with Mr. Yamazaki. For them, the event was a culmination of the long course of restoration through indemnity, according to Yamazaki couple who was tasked to pioneer this country between the years 1990 and 1998.

The event was held on a small scale but it actually was a major breakthrough as far as the Turkey mission is concerned. Through this event all involved, including Brother Artan and Japanese Second Generation sisters volunteers engaged in the Middle East Youth Envoy program, were convinced that this is definitely the path to lay strong foundation for True Parents in this country and the region.

Mr. Yamazaki as Director of the Blessed Family Department of the Middle East Region, will continue this drive throughout the region using Turkey as a model. This drive will happen in a comprehensive scheme including: developments of presentation and methods of Blessing to predominantly Muslim environment; integration between the Family Renewal Campaign and the Peace Initiatives for the region as well as activating the Support Scheme from Japan to support these Blessing Revival Activities.

Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for your patience, forgiveness and love! Aju!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Great job brothers and sisters, and to the Ito-Uncu family, 감사합니다!

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