Poland: Peace Blessing Festival


By Martha Kral, FFWPU Poland

4 participants for Blessing were following our invitation to receive the Peace Blessing from our True

Parents, among them about 10 Ambassadors for Peace. Altogether more than 70 people participated.

The guests attended very seriously the Blessing Ceremonies. At the end all shouted loudly and enthusiastically three cheers of Ok Mansei.

We could give deep testimony about True Parents and the value of change of blood lineage and the Blessing. The guests listened openly and attentively about True Parents Blessing Tradition and followed all ceremonies in a very natural and grateful way.

After the ceremony we had a cultural program, in which our Polish blessed children performed beautifully in classical music, dancing and singing. One Peace Ambassador expressed publicly how impressed she is about our young generation and that their performances and expressions of culture moved their hearts deeply and gives them a lot of hope.

Many expressed their gratitude for the beautiful and warm atmosphere and stayed for a long time after the banquet with us.

One of the Peace Ambassador who had missed the Ceremony had asked if we could repeat the Holy Wine and Blessing Ceremony for him and his wife in Spirit World. So we made a short version of the ceremonies for them.

It was a great event and a new beginning of hope for Poland and Polish brothers and sisters, thanks to your guidance and love, our beloved True Mother.

We prepare now intensively for Your visit, dear True Mother, to Vienna. We announced already at the Blessing ceremony, that the travel to Vienna could become their honeymoon after receiving the Blessing!

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