Paraguay: International 21-Day Workshop


By Arístides Rondan, FFWPU South America

Under the guidance of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, a group of 24 Young first and second generation members of the FFWPU, fundamentally Paraguayans, three from Venezuela, two from Argentina and one from Colombia, participated in a 21-day workshop which finished successfully. This workshop was held in Puerto Leda, Alto Paraguay, from January 13 to February 2, 2018.

At the closing ceremony the participants reflected on their deep experiences with God and true parents as well as their admiration towards the Japanese Missionaries in Leda, through their sketches and testimonies.

The program included Divine Principle lectures, True Parents Course and the Formula Course for all humanity that everyone should go. Also we had Unification Thought lectures, such as Criticism and Counter Proposal toward communism and the Values Confusion in the west. All participants went through Divine Principle exams and presented lectures. Also during this period, participants received Absolute Sex education and went through Tong Il Mo Do Martial Arts classes.

The program offered three days opportunity to know about the Leda Project, in which all the participants actively participated in activities such as taking fish out of the tanks, harvest Taro, and open ways cutting weeds.

They cut weeds opening a almost 100 meters for roads. When they finished they said they felt that they opened a way from hell to heaven. The participants were filled with joy.

José de Souza from Venezuela said: “I had a very deep dream with True Parents, which marked my life, in the dream there were also my physical parents who passed away when I was a child. I have the feeling that in the future I will come back here to Leda.”

During the workshop a Service for Peace activity was held in the Aborigine Community called 14 de Mayo, where the young people painted the school which was built by Japanese missionaries.

In this opportunity WFWP Paraguay realized a benefit act delivering presents to the Women and children of the community.

The Paraguayan Pantanal culture is very different from the City culture. You have to put yourself in Gods and Natures hands, as the access to Puerto Leda is very limited in case of rainy weather. Therefor the people who live nearby the Paraguayan River all depend on a boat called Aquidaban that transports food and people along the river, from the City of Concepcion to the Port of Bahia Negra which limits with Brazil and Bolivia. This helped all the participants to develop a loving heart towards the people of the Pantanal and experience another focus of life.

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