Paraguay: Creating Joyful Time in a Village


Prepared by WFWP Paraguay

President of WFWP Paraguay, Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano and vice president Tania Nuñez traveled to Puerto Leda where they both served, supported spiritually and cooked for the 30 participants of the 21-day workshop.

During this workshop we organized a social event with the people of a small village called 14 de mayo on January 30, 2018.

14 de mayo is a very isolated village along the Paraguay river nearby the Brazilian and Bolivian border.

All women of the village as well as the director of the school gathered at the school were the workshop participants painted and restored several things.

WFWP Paraguay representatives gave some words of guidance to the women, explaining about the importance of women in the education of our children and their future.

The school director received soccer balls and flutes, all children received toys and sweets and all women received lantern. after this, the workshop participants played games with the children of this vilage. They were so excited and asked us to please come back to the village soon.

Hopefully we can keep working with the women and children of this area in order to improve their situation.

Special thanks to our true mother for supporting our activities here in Paraguay.

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