Norway: Family Peace Blessing


By Steinar Murud, FFWPU Norway

We have made efforts for a long time to organize the Blessing for three couples who had confirmed that they would attend. Our challenge was to find a date when all were free. Finally, we decided to hold the event on 3rd of February and we began preparations. We visited the home of one couple to give them a Blessing Preparation presentation.

However, a few days before our event, two of the couples announced that they were unable to attend. The husband of one couple needed an operation and was not able to attend this time. However, they expressed that they would attend later.

We were then left with only one couple and asked ourselves -Can we go ahead with only one couple? We decided that it was important to hold the event

before Heavenly Parent’s Day and we could not postpone it any more. For our one couple not to feel alone, we asked two of our own blessed couples if they could serve as a stand-in and confirm their marriage vows together with our guest couple.

The guest couple had a Hindu background and participated in the ceremony in their best clothes. They invested much in the event and voluntarily contributed great quantities of food and refreshments for the dinner after the ceremony.

Our event began with a short piece of flute-music, followed by an orientation of the meaning of the Blessing ceremony.

The national leader couple guided the couples through all the elements of the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Blessing. In between there were short readings from various sacred texts, on the topic of marriage.

In order to express their gratitude for receiving the Blessing, each couple bowed and placed a rose on the alter. The formal part of the ceremony ended with three cheers of “Mansei!”

We then showed short videos of the Little Angels drum dance and a song and dance from a Bollywood movie.

After the wedding cake was cut, we enjoyed a celebration banquet with toasts, speeches, delicious food and inspired conversation. Each couple was presented with a small gift in memory of the event.

Our newly blessed couple was really uplifted. Also, we as members, felt very encouraged and rewarded that we could finally accomplish what we had planned for so long. A small step in numbers but a big step for our spirit!

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