Nicaragua: Interfaith Harmony Forum


Prepared by UPF Nicaragua

On February 3, 2018, in the main auditorium of Paulo Freire University in Managua, a selected group of 55 people gathered, amongst them were teachers, officials, students, religious representatives and the general public, realizing the Interfaith Forum, building dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect between different religions, in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations.

Our main VIPs were Dr. Akiva Simja (Jew) In Charge of the Chabad Synagogue -Managua, Imam Abu Bakr Abdala – Islam of the Mosque- Managua, Rev. Alfredo Joiner – Pastor of the Central Office of the Moravian Church of Managua, Father George David Porter – Pastor of the Catholic Episcopal Church, Brahmana Priest Ramai Das Leader of the Hare Krishna Congregation of Nicaragua, Rev. Herling Hernández – Presbyter of the Roman Catholic Church Vicar of the Archdiocese of Managua and Rev. Jorge de Oliveira (Unificationism) President of the Family Federation for Peace in Nicaragua.

Each of these leaders gave spoke about 10 minutes, on the theme: Tolerance and Promotion of Values.

The speeches that were given by the leaders were in accordance to the theme of the event where everything took place in a climate of great solidarity and harmony. The activity concluded with a holy water ceremony where the leaders prayed while adding water in the same vessel as a symbol of sharing the same truths, from the same source that is God, the only True God.

In conclusion, everyone shared a snack in a joyful moment. We believe UPF has been planting the seed of the Peace that God desires in every corner of the world.

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