Netherlands: Renewing our Wedding Vows together with the People

Prepared by FFWPU Netherlands

Short introduction about Sadikoen and Andrea Wirjoredjo – by Hans Campman

Sadikoen and Andrea Wirjoredjo are a Blessed Couple. They were blessed in 2003; they have three young children. Sadikoen is originally from Surinam; Andrea is from Germany. Since several years they have seriously embarked on fulfilling their Tribal Messiah goal while at the same trying to contribute to the welfare of the community around them. They have a special ability to bring together groups of people. One way is by organizing parties in their own home and backyard, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They are great hosts. They invite their (large) extended family to these parties, as well as neighbors.

They treat them to nice food and music and share their testimony. Another way they make contacts is by participating actively in group activities in the neighborhood. They use occasions where people come together as an opportunity to say something about their (happy) marriage. They proclaim fidelity in marriage to people in all kinds of settings, they introduce the idea of the Blessing and perform the Holy Wine Ceremony. Even though this is still symbolic, they maintain a solid relationship with the people and develop it further. Sadikoen and Andrea engage in social initiatives of the community, such as working groups to support refugees. They focus on certain key figures with whom they build a deep relationship and bond.

Working in this way Sadikoen and Andrea have been able to gain the trust and friendship of fairly large groups of people. This is how they could mobilize good numbers of people in support of our own FFWPU-events such as the Peace Road, which we held extensively in 2015. Many people of the groups with which they engage have great love and admiration for Sadikoen and Andrea as a married couple. Indeed, they present themselves as a truly harmonious, hopeful couple, with their three beautiful children. To reach happiness and harmony as a couple is a desire in the hearts of many people. When we had our World Peace Blessing in Netherlands (Glory House) in November last year, Sadikoen and Andrea could bring about 22 couples and a number of singles to the celebration. Occasionally Sadikoen and Andrea organize lectures and programs in their own home to provide deeper information for their guests.

Their report, written mainly by Andrea, is a short account of a Holy Wine Ceremony they performed last week, on January 20, 2018) for a particular group of people in a particular setting.

By Andrea Wirjoredjo

We took part in a marriage course, consisting of 6 evenings. We asked to take a group picture at the end of the last evening and while my husband prepared the camera and flash, I prepared Holy Wine in small cups for all participating couples.

We told the participants, that we renew our wedding vows every year and that we would like to do the same here now with them. Explaining to them that marriage is not “till death do us part” but for eternity. Everybody joined in , the ladies drank first, then the men.

There was a beautiful atmosphere. We felt Jesus support, as the course was facilitated by a Christian couple, with prayer in the beginning and at the end of each session. On the last evening they read out a prayer by saint Francis of Assisi and a letter by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a German pastor, theologian, spy, anti-Nazi dissident. He smuggled this letter out of prison for his nieces wedding in which he explained about marriage and love.

Another, not unimportant detail was the presence of a young man, who was born in Korea and the couple facilitating the course, adopted him when he was 3 months old. He helped with practical things, serving the food and the drinks. To me, he was the connection to our True Parents homeland.

In this very natural way we were able to bless 10 couples.

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