Nepal: 21-Day Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

The 148th Batch of 21-day training was concluded last January 23, 2018 with 52 college and university students graduated.

Most of the participants are the result of Home Group weekly meeting, HTM result, Tong Il Moo-Do activity and other Youth Peace activities from sub-region of Nepal.

This 21 day training happen right after the 1st batch of 120 Day Tong Il Moo-Do training in the previous year, December.

The graduation ceremony is attended by the major leader of FFWPU-Nepal, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, who gave the words encouragement to serve the nation hearstistically and become the bacon of today’s generation. Rev. Santosh kumar Paudel also deliver a message to energized and enhance their skills to lead the future of the millennials and task to guide the younger generation.

The 21 day training participants did not hesitate to become a future leader and determine to attend the higher and deep training of 40 day leadership training and some of them wants to join the 2nd batch of 120 day Tong Il Moo-Do in the coming months.

One of the participants reflect upon herself; that the family values, culture and tradition of Nepalese are slowly drowning due to the influence of media in the foreign world, That’s why I determined to work voluntarily in this religious organization to preserve and to protect my value and to act as leader of this nation to bring back our family tradition. It is my duty to take care my community away from invaders. I really appreciate the existence of True Parents during my time.

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