Launching of YSP Pakistan

By Binod Paudel, UPF Pakistan

On October 2017, while we were in Turkey in our meeting with Dr. Balcomb and regional president, Mr. Angelucci, we decided to hold the YSP Launching in January 2018 in Pakistan.

The original plan was to do it in Lahore one of major city of Pakistan but after the consultation with our local partners we decided to do it in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan which we could bring people from different cities of Pakistan.

Since UPF or YSP is not registered in Pakistan, we needed to do it in partnership with another local NGOs to bypass the legal issues.

We choose to work with PakAid, especially because the president of this NGO attended the YSP launching in Thailand. He was so inspired and wanted to do it in Pakistan as well.

The event was held on January 25th, 2018 in Saffron event hall, in Islamabad with the participation of 1500 people, which included a member of Parliament, Head of the Education Department in Islamabad, President of Pakistan Red Crescent, President of PakAID, and 40 Institutions (Schools, NGOs and Government Organizations).

Mr. Kiyani, president of PakAID gave the opening remarks. Then Mr. Asif Ulfat, national leader of Afghanistan, gave a lecture on YSP and Pure Love. And at the end of lecture, the entire audience of 1,500 people pledged for purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage.

Mr. Angelucci, Regional President of the Middle East emphasized the importance to keep the deep dreams of our life alive. Even though the circumstances of our society are trying to destroy our dreams, we must keep the dreams of our hearts.

God our creator is the one who is believing in us and want to help us to fulfill our dreams. He stressed the Principles of the founders of UPF, Father and Mother Moon, “we need to Live for the Sake of Others; and that we must elevate the spirit of each individual, valuing each culture and religion and become One Family Under God”. Let us make Pakistan a beautiful nation, a model nation for the world.

This was followed by Signing the Declaration of Launching YSP Pakistan. Mr. Masood Ahmed Head of District Education Department stressed that the youth must take part in the development of the nation , take care of others, live for others, and need to protect the right of parents, students and teachers.

Ambassadors for Peace’s Awards were given to some of the VIPs for their hard work for peace. This was followed by the beautiful performances by youth students and ethnic groups.

The media in Pakistan, covered the event.The Daily Voice of Nation published in Rawalpindi and Islamabad reported the following (by Ms. Nadia Waqar):

On the 26 of January, 2018 the Daily Voice of Nation, a national newspaper reported about the Inauguration Ceremony of YSP (Youth and Student for Peace) held in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Thursday, Jan 25, 2018. The seminar was co sponsored by UPF and PakAID. Hon. Ms. Tahseen Fawad, Member of the Provincial Assembly told the audience that to sustain peace we must follow the Principles of Quaid E Azam, (the founder of Pakistan), Ilama M. Iqbal (national poet of Pakistan) and True Parents, the Founders of UPF. The different speakers emphasized that the youth must perform their role to sustain peace and harmony and to take part in the development of the nation by following the Principles of True Parents, the Principles of Pure Love and fidelity in their life. The speakers through their presentations educated the youth about Pure Love and called all participants to make the Pure Love and Fidelity Pledge. At the end of the seminar the students from different schools and different tribal areas entertained the audience with their meaningful cultural performances.

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