Italy: World Week for Interreligious Harmony


By Franco Ravaglioli, UPF Italy

A moment of sincere brotherhood and intense spirituality marked the inter-religious meeting on February 10, 2018, organized by UPF Bergamo, on the occasion of the “World Week for Interreligious Harmony (SMAI) with motto “Faith in Peace – Peace in Faiths”.

40 representatives of different faith communities gathered together: the Islamic community of Bergamo, the Hare Krishna community of Chignolo (BG), the Evangelical community Christ Victory Church, the community of Scientology as well as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFPMU) of Bergamo, together with a variegated public that filled the room at the Donizetti Hotel in Lallio (BG).

The meeting was introduced by Carlo Zonato, president of UPF Italia who explained the meaning and the value of the meeting linked to the World Week for Inter-religious Harmony which falls in the first week of February each year;

He read several passages taken from the messages given by Rev. and Mrs. Moon on the theme of Harmony among the Faiths that characterized their life and their work and that exhort us to become “True Parents” with Love and Altruism.

Then there were representatives of the different faiths who gave a message related to the theme of the day entitled “Faith in Peace – Peace in Faiths”: Sandro Oneda in charge of Scientology for Brescia and Bergamo, Vasudeva Datta spiritual leader of Hare Krishna, Imad El Joulani president of the Islamic Community of Bergamo together with his wife Marwa and a group of representatives of the Young Muslim Group, Adosco Comito president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Pastor SammY Tetteh of the Christ Victory Church.

All of them expressed some characteristic traits of their spirituality with respect to the theme of Faith in Peace and expressed gratitude and appreciation for the occasion of meeting and cooperation together with the hope that it will have continuity also with projects and other events that will contribute together to create an ever more concrete spirit of real brotherhood. The conclusion was marked with a unison prayer for Peace and brotherhood and gratitude to God, our common Parent, on the notes of “Amazing Grace”.

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