Italy: Interreligious and Cosmic Blessing for Peace

By Gukson Capone, FFWPU Italy

The event on February 4, 2018, was the first important event for Napoli community, we had 32 people participating and 5 new couples who received the blessing. Thanks to a young group of musicians who offered jazz style songs, the atmosphere was very high and warm. National President of FFWPU Ignazio Cabras, gave a speech about the importance of family and how to cultivate values for the greater good. We felt the collaboration of spirit world and everyone was happy and joyous. God is working thought us to restore the entire humankind.

Since all couples were very moved they received the blessing in tears. Some couples said that when their children will grow up, they would like them to participate in this blessing ceremony. Another couple at the beginning was little hesitant and just want to sit down and watch. Suddenly guided by the holy spirit, they decided to join the ceremony.

Meaningful for the fact that for one ambassador for peace couple, that day was also their wedding anniversary, symbolizing a new beginning for them as a couple blessed by God. They felt loved and cared as really one big family.

Congratulatory message was given by a catholic priest who told us the story of a couple who is putting true love at the center, it was really moving.

This blessing is the hope for everyone to achieve one global harmonious family. When we unite with each other, when we unite with True Parent’s heart and desire, we saw that we can achieve great victory.

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