Italy: First Home Group of the Milano Community


By Shirley Kanno, FFWPU Italy

In a wonderful family atmosphere on February 11, 2018, we held our first home group of the Milano Community, with 8 families represented. We gathered at the home of Emilio Asti a blessed brother (resident in Spain) that has given disposition of his family home in Milano to hold meetings.

There were also 2 guests present, one of which was very prepared by the spiritual world. Emilio Asti opened the meeting with a report of the highlights of the African Summit. Afterwards we gathered in a circle to read together True Fathers speech from 1978 entitled “How to obtain help from the Spiritual World”.

One of our guests reflected that she didn’t know why she was so drawn to attend this gathering but now she understands that she was led by her ancestors – “I am 62 years old, but I hope that there is time to get on this train to the truth!”

We concluded our gathering with a lunch together and a circle of prayer. Our guests promised to come to the celebration gathering next week to Celebrate The 51° Heavenly Parents Day together with our community, and to attend the next mini Divine Principle workshop on the 25th of February.

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