Italy: Cosmic Interreligious Blessing for Peace

By Shirley Kanno, FFWPU Italy

On Sunday January 28th, 2018, in Milan Italy, we held our first Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing Ceremony. We are very grateful for the Participation of Ignazio Cabras for representing our National Leader in giving the main speech explaining the meaning and history of the blessing. Renato and Vita Vallone officiated the Ceremony, music was provided by Robin Chionna and Daniela Andriozzi, preparing an atmosphere of new joy to share, the congratulatory address was delivered by Fabio Chionna.

There were two new couples blessed. With a particularly deep experience provided for all, an event that even our new guests felt comfortable to attend.  The 14 blessed families attending as witnesses to this blessing and were inspired, refreshing their love for our True Parents and value of the blessing. After sharing the Blessing Cake and a light lunch some continued with an introduction to “Bio Dance” the dance of life.

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