International President with Japan Top Gun 2018 Workshop

International President Sun Jin Moon held a special session for 500 participants of the Japan Top Gun 2018 Workshop at the Cheongpyeong Training Center on February 26, 2018.

After hoondokhae, during which she read from True Father’s autobiography, Sun Jin Nim shared her heartfelt understanding of True Parents and their worldwide work. She spoke about the need to unite with True Parents at this time, no matter what mission we have. Sun Jin Nim pointed out that we need to make sure that we go out to the world with the heart to bring love to other people.

She lovingly answered some questions from the participants. This was followed by a meditation session to revive everyone’s spirit for a new beginning. In the end Sun Jin nim and In Sup nim shared 6 gifts with lucky participants. These were gifts that Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim had received from True Parents in the past. Through this gesture she wished all present to receive True Parents’ love and carry it with them wherever they go in the mission field.

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