GPA Missionaries from the USA in Prague


By Martine Masner, FFWPU Czech Republic

4 missionaries from the GPA program, USA arrived in Prague, the Czech Republic On January 15, 2018. From the beginning, we were moved by the standard and the determination of these young people! They were very excited to come to witness and get to know the people of Europe. Prague was for them a good choice, since there are ongoing witnessing activities and there’s a witnessing center next to the biggest campus. After a few days of adaptation and discovering the city, they started witnessing every day with great motivation. They are inspired to see that most of the students speak English and don’t need translation. It is easy for them to invite guests to the witnessing center, give introduction and do one-on-one DP study with them. Already, several guests are returning regularly and are enjoying our company. The guests are also participating in various programs, like sushi evening, cultural evening, 1 Day and 5 Day DP workshop.

We will do our very best as a nation, to support them as they need, in discovering the joy of witnessing and the development of a parental heart, as well as to develop tools, how to reach out to people from the depth of the Principle. We hope that these three months will remain for them an unforgettable experience!

Below, you find a few testimonies that the GPA Missionaries have written last weekend:

Kinasa Gemmell: I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be in Prague to witness and reach out to the young students. I’m so moved by the people. They have a deeper way of thinking, although many of them are atheist they have a strong conscience.

It’s been only a week since we started witnessing here but I’m experiencing many things. I’m gaining a deeper understanding of the principle and also experiencing the heart of God. I’m starting to realize that witnessing is so deep and profound.

And I’m excited for what God has in store for us.

Elissa Dilorenzo: I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in the Czech Republic for my mission. It has only been about 2 weeks since we have arrived, but I feel very comfortable and welcomed by the community. We have only witnessed for about 1 full week but already I have built a desire to want to share the Principle and God’s love to the university students. I personally have been so moved by the Principle through studying it and receiving lectures. But now is my opportunity to share the love and joy I have received from it. It is definitely scary to open up and give love to someone but with the help of God and the spirit world anything can be done! Thank you again Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this opportunity to be a missionary.

Ikusei Nagai: Czech Republic is a very beautiful country and getting the opportunity to be here for my mission has been quite a great experience for me. Being welcomed by the loving community, seeing new areas, and most importantly being able to reach out to Gods children. Even through just a week I have been able to learn more about myself and how determined I can get to want to share the principle to my brothers and sisters. Even though it may be challenging I can start to see myself growing my heart even more to give to the guests. Also understanding the heart of our Heavenly Parents

always supporting me to give and give even if our love is rejected, constantly wanting to give love even more, expecting nothing in return. I am grateful to be able have this opportunity but being able to create this as a lifestyle for myself and for the future. Thank you, Heavenly Parents & True Parents!

Micheal Cordero: So far the witnessing experience in the Czech Republic has been, in a word, eventful. I have an undeniable feeling that God has prepared so much for us to be here and has a plan for us to grow and for the people of this country to come to know God’s heart and True Parents. Recently it feels like witnessing in Prague is similar to witnessing to a rock. Unchanging and strong. So I think that as these next month’s go on that’s how I’ll need to be, and in order for that to happen it’s necessary that I constantly connect to God and True Parents. God placed us here, trusted us to love Czech Republic more than our own nation and that’s what I will determine to do.

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