France: Interreligious and International Family Peace Festival

Prepared by UPF France

On this Saturday February 10, 2018 in Paris, France, despite cold weather and icy roads, more than 100 people took part in the Interreligious and International Peace Festival, to strive towards two principle objectives:

  • to give a pure and sacred base to their couple by inviting Heaven into the center of each of their families;
  • and also, to endeavor to become couples and families more altruistic, ready to serve their circle of family and friends and to take responsibility to build a nation and a world more united and more fraternal.

The festival began with a video on the theme: “The Family is the School of Love and Peace”, followed by a PowerPoint presentation by Mrs Hanna Lotterie on theme “True Families to Heal the World”.

After a musical interlude, they were invited to celebrate the four fundamental values of a true family: unity, purity, fidelity and forgiveness. The 10 Couples first shared the “cup of unity” which symbolized their desire to achieve a deeper unity in their couple.

They then celebrated the value of purity through receiving the holy water. After which, they renewed their attachment to family values but clearly expressing their support for the four principles of the Family Federation:

  1. fidelity in the couple
  2. providing a good education to their children
  3. altruistic family values
  4. the construction of a world of peace.

Representatives of different religions where then invited to offer a prayer, a song or to invoke the Blessings of Heaven for the happiness of each couple.

The first religious leader to address the couples was the Venerable Pramaha Boontine, representing Buddhism, who came from Sweden especially for this event.

He was followed by two representatives of Christianity: Jacques Gaillot, Bishop of Partenia, representing the Catholic Church and Bishop Nicolas, Patriarch Orthodox of the Nations, President of the Saint Synod of Bishops.

  1. Naseer Ahmed Shahid, of the Islamic community Ahmadiyya shared few words based on the Islamic tradition. And, finally, by Mr. and Mrs. Moulinet read an excerpt of the Blessing prayer offered by Reverend Sun Myung Moon January 31st, 2009.

To conclude, Dr. Manola Souvanlasy, specialist of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Paris and one of the couples participating in the ceremony, offered words of congratulations to the couples.

The festival concluded with an entertainment program, followed by a delicious Thai lunch.


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