Cote d’ Ivoire: Inauguration of Peace Council

Prepared by UPF Cote d’ Ivoire

On February 3rd, 2018 we hold an event to launch the Peace Council in Katiola city which is located in central Côte d ‘Ivoire. We had 380 participants and during the event we have appointed some new Ambassadors’ for Peace with the aim to bring peace in this troubled region.

The commanders of the public forces and police department were among the participants. The mayors of three municipalities in the region were also present. Muslim leaders, traditional leaders have made the move in large numbers.

After the speeches by the representative of the Mayor of Katiola, and representatives of UPF Africa, secretary general of UPF Cote d’ Ivoire, Rev. Beugré Richard encouraged the participants to become Peace Ambassadors who will do everything to bring peace. Following him, Rev. Eugène Ahondjo Eugène presented a lecture on five principles of the ambassadors of peace, helping the participants to understand and appreciate the teachings of True Parents.

After that, some participants were called to the stage to receive the awards as the ambassador of peace. It was a very joyful time as each individual received their award.

The representative of the new ambassadors of peace the Director of the National Commission of Human Rights expressed his gratitude and congratulated UFP Cote d’ Ivoire for this initiative in this region where there are many conflicts between herders and farmers.

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