Canada: True Parents’ Birthday Celebration and Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony

By Jaclyn Chao, FFWPU Canda

On February 10th, 2018, at the Hilton Hotel in Richmond, BC, Canada, FFWPU Vancouver held a Birthday Celebration for True Parents and an Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony for around 300 participants present.

Two young 2nd-Generation students, male and female, who were the MCs for this event began the program with a musical performance by the Rosario Strings Ensemble, after which a video was shown outlining some of True Parents’ World Tours and Accomplishments.  After the dinner Welcome Remarks were given by Dr. Moon Shik Kim, the Canadian Continental Director, who introduced True Parents’ and our movements’ activities toward the unification of North and South Korea.

Another form of entertainment was a beautifully written and spoken heartfelt poem about True Parents’ selfless worldwide activities for world peace, by two 2nd-generation virtual sisters, by marriage, followed by a well-choreographed energetic dance by a group of 2nd-generation students.

After this, Rev. Larry Krishnek, sub-regional director of Western US, gave a speech emphasizing True Mother’s recent visit to Africa to perform a historical ceremony to liberate all African people who were exploited as slaves as well as all citizens of Africa who together as a nation endured a history of so much suffering.

As the second main event of of the program, the Interfaith Peace Blessing was held. Rev. Alan Wilding, Director of UPF for Canada’s Western Region explained the value of the Blessing, and the whole audience participated, wearing the Blessing scarves provided and drinking Holy wine.  Then Rev. and Mrs. Kambashi, district pastor of Western region of Canada offered the Benediction and made the Blessing proclamation.

After the event many participants remained in the venue sharing their joyful feeling with our members such as  “I learned a lot more about True Parents this evening,” “My eyes have been opened now!” or “This is my second time to participate in the celebration and I brought my friend this time who kept asking me about True Parents.  I said to him ‘You will know by going through the program’ and he eventually said ‘Wow, I understand who they are!'”

Vancouver Church members feel it is because of Heavenly Parents’, True Parents’, and now True Mother’s monumental accomplishments and victories that we could hold and be part of this successful event.

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