Albania: Change Starts from Me!


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On February 9th 2018, we organized a one-day workshop at our Center, with the theme: “Change starts from me.” We had 7 new guests and 8 members as staff of the workshop.

The guests who participated were the ones who just received Divine Principle lecture “The Human Fall.” Then, to these people we gave other Divine Principle lectures as “Principle of Restauration”, “Parallels of History”, “Second Coming” and “Life Course of True Parents”. We had a wonderful familiar atmosphere created by the songs, games, lectures and videos.

The participants showed their interest about the information they received, and they were surprised from the news that True Parents are Messiah of the Second Advent. They were inspired and we pray for their spiritual protection form Spiritual World.

We eat and play together as one family. After the Blessing Ceremony which will be held on February 25th we will organize another workshop for some guests who couldn’t come this time.


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