Zambia: 7-day Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by CARP Zambia

CARP Zambia held a 7-Day Workshop, from the 17th to the 24th of December 2017 at Barlastone Training Center, Lusaka. In total, 20 participants students from various learning institutions have attended.  The topics covered were Divine Principles, Purity, the value and the meaning of the Blessing, sports, games, etc.

Lectures were conducted by brother Andrico Tshaba, YFWP Vice President, Mr. Bohoussou Kouame Dieudonne, CARP Zambia and Rev. David Isaac Phiri, the FFWPU President.

On Saturday afternoon, December 16th, Rev. Phiri had an open discussion with the participants and talked about the Blessing by explaining about the meaning and the value and the blessing by emphasizing to the participants about keeping their sexual purity, especially since they now have a deeper understanding of the root of sin.

During the workshop, participants had an opportunity to attend the vigil prayer organized every Saturday night to support the upcoming Africa Summit in Senegal in January 2018. During the event, Rev. Phiri elaborated on a video clip from Peace TV where True Mother mentioned about the only Begotten Daughter. He also shared with the participants about the basics of FFWPU tradition. During the same night, all the participants also shared their testimonies with.

As staff of the 7-day workshop, and as CARP, we thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the grace, love and the support given to us during this 7-day workshop. At the same time, we repent to HP and TPs for our shortcomings.

We also thanked the Regional and National offices for the love, support and patience that they have shown to us.

At the beginning of the workshop, most of them struggled to understand the first few chapters, however, towards the end of the workshop, they began to understand and could also gain clarity on their different questions. Later, they came to the conclusion that True Father (Rev. Moon) is the Messiah.

As the CARP start a new year, they hoped that CARP can be even more active and bring many more people to truly know about Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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