USA: Youth Learn to Inherit True Parents’ Legacy


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On the day after Christmas, the annual high school winter workshop held at the Holy Redeemer Retreat Center in Oakland, CA with the most joyful spirit, with 98 students arriving to build a closer relationship with True Parents. The theme of the workshop is “Inherit True Parent’s Legacy.”

Upon their arrival, the young Unificationists were so excited to see one another, immediately creating a positive, hopeful atmosphere. Each day of the workshop, which will run until December 30, has a specific theme that is crucial to ultimately inheriting the legacy of True Parents. The theme of the first day was “Living for the Sake of Others,” an important motto in Unificationism that reflects how true love is rooted in valuing others over oneself.

The next day, the main theme was “Purity & Blessing.” The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony is not just a practice in the Unification movement, but an important value. The Blessing allows people who have been separated from God to reflect the beauty of His love, which has both male and female characteristics, by becoming parents.

The third and final theme was “Commitment to a Higher Purpose.” Through the third day, many of the students were able to renew their faith and make greater determination to follow the way of True Parents–a life of love for God.

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