USA: Turning Point 2017


Prepared by CARP USA


On the last full day of the workshop, the participants were determined to end strong, so, despite being tired from a rigorous schedule, they came in this morning ready to “cut the dove,” a reference from the story of Abraham meaning to finish an offering.

After the morning session, we launched into our final day of lectures. Rev. Yang went over the final stages of True Parents’ life course. The morning session covered the years between 1953 and 2000, most of which Father and Mother Moon spent in America, and the afternoon session covered 2000 to the present and Mother Moon’s life.

What really stood out from the lectures was how Father Moon and Mother Moon built their foundation starting from nothing. After fleeing North Korea from a concentration camp, Father Moon’s first official “church” was a hut made out of cardboard boxes that also served as his house. From there, he built up a worldwide foundation with churches in over 100 countries.

Mother Moon was equally amazing in her attitude and faith as she continued to follow and support her husband who was living for the world. Her strength led her to attain equal status as that of her husband and as a public figure.

After the final lecture and discussions, participants reflected about their entire workshop experience. This allowed them to digest everything that they had gained.

The evening program for tonight was an exciting Open Mic where participants could show off their talents and offer that to God and the workshop.

After the final performance, the LA Family Church Band, christened Apple Heaven Hollywood by Mother Moon, came and led a praise and worship service that included pieces from True Parents’ eldest son and previous World CARP President, Hyo Jin Moon. Arranged in his favorite style, rock ‘n’ roll, his songs expressed a deep heart of loving and wanted to live a life of service to God and True Parents.

After joining the band in the performance of MuJoGeon, the participants reflected for 20 minutes about their year and made resolutions. We then closed our year out in prayer and ran outside to watch the New Year’s fireworks.

Our resolution is to not let this Turning Point begin and end at this workshop but rather to follow through with our Turning Points and make real change in our lives, starting with this year! Read More

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