USA: The Pursuit of Purity for Youth and Young Adults


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On December 27, 2017, over 40 youth and young adults gathered at the Omaha Family Church in Nebraska for their end-of-year winter workshop. Recently, True Mother has been emphasizing to younger Unificationistist the value of becoming like pure water. Thus, the theme of the workshop was “The Pursuit of Purity.”

The first day of the workshop focused on the purity of relationships through the experience of the four great realms of heart—those of child, sibling, spouse and parent. “Purity is a lifestyle. It’s not something you either have or you don’t” said Yuki Asanuma, one of the organizers of the workshop. “That’s why it’s important to understand the four great realms of heart. Understanding can lead to a life of pure-heartedness.”

The focus of the second day was purity and the pursuit of gratitude.  Participants spent time writing letters of gratitude to people that they look up to or appreciate. Later, the participants would discover that they would be calling the recipients of their letter to read the letters out loud to them.  There were many tears as people spoke on the phone, with a few participants even reading their letters out loud to another person in the workshop.

The weekend was also filled with fun activities, including mini games that we called the Winter Olympics, and skit making. There were challenges such as the last minute cancellation of a speaker, having to find a new location and food preparation issues, but everyone was willing to help out in one way or another.

Seniors in high school also had the opportunity to start transitioning into a leader, some serving as team leaders and another assisting the emcee.

The participants of this district workshop varied greatly in age, with participants and staff ranging from 10 to 27 years old. The youth and young adults took matters into their own hands in order to hold this workshop, cooking, planning, and managing every aspect of it on their own.

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