USA: Clifton Family Church Rings in the New Year

Prepared by FFWPU USA

On January 1, 2018, 150 people gathered at the Clifton Family Church in New Jersey to celebrate the New Year. Over a third of those in attendance were new to the Divine Principle and True Parents’ teachings.

The annual party was sponsored by Japanese Unificationists and featured performances such as a biwanko taiko (Japanese drum) demonstration, karaoke, a magic show, a jankenpon (rock, paper, scissors) game, a raffle, and a game for couples. At the party, several young women wore kimonos, a common practice on New Year’s Day in Japan. Before the games and performances, District 3 Pastor, Rev. Manoj Jacob and Director of HSA-UWC KODAN, Rev. Hiroshi Inose spoke to the crowd about the importance of sharing True Parents’ teachings with others. Both men thanked everyone for their efforts during the past year before joining in on the fun.

Preparation for the event was not easy, but ultimately rewarding for its organizers. “Seeing everyone’s smiling faces makes us forget the hardships,” said Atsushi Takino, the District 3 Evangelism and Education Coordinator and one of the organizers of the the New Year’s Party. “The key to making this event successful is connecting in heart,” he continued. “The more we connect to God’s heart, the more we can strengthen our bonds with one another.”

“We do this event every year because we truly feel happy and want to share this happiness with everyone else,” Atsushi explained. “This new year, we want to work hard to share our love and the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony with the world.”

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