USA: Christmas in Korea with True Parents

Prepared by FFWPU USA 

On December 25, True Mother shared her Christmas with FFWPU-USA’s five new sub-regional directors as well as numerous Unificationists from around the world. In expressing their love for True Mother, the sub-regional directors performed songs by Elvis Presley, with Southwest Regional Director John Jackson acting as the famous singer. Other representatives from various countries also showed the beauty of their culture by performing for True Mother.

“This was an amazing trip to be with True Mother, in which we were showered with parental love – wise guidance, delightful celebrations,” said Rev. Ernest Patton, the newly appointed Southeast Regional Director.  “True Mother said that we must be bold and courageous because we are working to bring dramatically bigger results on the foundation of True Parents.  The blessings of Heaven will pour out on those who sincerely work together with True Parents.  This really empowers me as I take on greater responsibility.”

Demian Dunkley, Northeast Regional Director, echoed Rev. Patton’s sentiments: “Through True Mother’s love, I experienced an awakening, a rebirth. I realized that more than anything else, this is the love that all humanity has been waiting for. She is God’s most beautiful expression.”

A “Blue Christmas” Without True Mother

On Christmas day, the new sub-regional directors and FFWPU USA President Rev. Richard Buessing had the opportunity to sing Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” for True Mother. The American representatives were the last to perform for True Mother out of 10 groups, winning the Global Award for their Elvis rendition. True Mother was so overjoyed by their performance that Southwest Regional Director Rev. John Jackson was also given the MVP award and a personal gift from True Mother. Below are reflections from the sub-regional directors on their Christmas with True Mother.

“Honestly, I thought we were just going to survive the performance, because the competition was so good.  We were performing after all these young people who danced. Each time a group finished their performance, the MC jokingly mentioned that we look a little worried for our performance. But I just felt so much love and grace from God and True Parents. So much was prepared for us to attend them. At our breakfast, I felt that Mother was trying to help us see how God is so serious at this time. This time is very important, and Mother showed that she has absolute trust in us.”–Rev. John Jackson

“My relationship with True Parents is on a different level now. It really was a family experience. Preparing for the performance was a great experience for our team because of our trust in each other. True Mother was able to experience and feel that, regardless of how we rank against our competitors. True Mother is investing so much, we know that the time is very serious, and 2020 is just two years away. But she told us to be confident and not to have any fear. Coming from Mother, this really stuck with me. I want to have this attitude looking forward to the new year.” –Rev. David Rendel, Midwest Regional Director

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