True Parents’ Victory Celebration for Africa Summit 2018

True Parents’ Victory Celebration for Africa Summit 2018
January 20, 9:00 am (GMT) – CICAD, Dakar, Senegal



True Mother’s Words at the Victory Celebration for Africa Summit 2018



True Mother spoke at the victory celebration of the World Africa Summit in Dakar, Senegal.

In her speech, True Mother reaffirmed her message of hope from the opening plenary, remarking happily that, “Africa means the motherland—Africa is the light. This means that Africa is a continent that heaven has prepared. It is a continent that is united with Mother.” True Mother was so inspired she spoke for longer then she had planned to the great joy of those in attendance.

Unificationists all around the world stayed up to celebrate the success of the summit  with True Mother in heart. At the 5th Japanese-English workshop at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC), which continues until the January 26, many of the participants watched the celebration together at 1:00am, shouting cheers of victory together with True Mother.


This is the most exciting time to attend True Parents and God’s providence! The mountain has been climbed and True Mother stands at the top, encouraging us to join her and our True Father. She has invested everything to make a heavenly Africa a reality.–Rev. Jeffrey Schmidt, District 7 Pastor

True Mother saw the jewels of the African people and encouraged them to work with her while she is on earth. I can imagine that the people of Africa have hearts that are filled to the brim and they feel much more confidence to accomplish miracles with faith in True Mothers directions. –Rev. Kevin Thompson, District 11 Pastor

My tears overflowed as True Mother recounted going to Goree Island and how deeply she felt the 500 years of pain and suffering of God’s children in Africa. I am so proud of and grateful for the continent of Africa for uniting with you so completely to bring a smile to God and inspiring us all.–Rev. Mari Curry

I was so moved by True Mother’s explanation of the importance of finding those who are prepared by Heaven. This evidence is clear in your work regarding Africa. I am determined to keep this perspective in my outreach to non-Unifciationists.–Rev. David Rendel, Midwest Sub-Regional Director

My wife, daughter, and I watched this event from IPEC in Las Vegas.  We are inspired to see your seeds of hope bring a great harvest of progress in Africa and around the world.–Rev. Ernest Patton, Southeast Sub-Regional Director

We can see you are digesting the suffering of the entire continent of Africa with the heart of beautiful True Mother. This is amazing to me, because I also feel so sorry about the abuses of Europeans upon the African people. A light is bursting from Senegal all around the world and it is starting with you, our True Parents!–Demian Dunkley, Northeast Sub-Regional Director

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  1. Sebastian Huemer, Pastor of Beautiful Albany NY and the Beautiful Adirondack Mountains says:

    Dear True Mother, I say thank You now and I will say thank You tomorrow and the days after for the miracle of healing and rebuilding Love that You are unleashing not only in Africa, but everywhere. I can see it, hear it, sense it, feel it. Thank you for Your kind encouragement yet again to become fluent in Korean, to understand You directly. Thank You True Father. Thank you all, you wonderful brothers and sisters. What a day! What a wonderful time. Thank you!

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