The Netherlands: Unique Blessing Ceremony for “Puppy Owners” in Glory House


By Hans Campman, FFWPU Netherland – January 13, 2018

One blessed sister, in her early seventies, Mrs Olga Hammett, has developed a special way to invite people to a Blessing event. Olga breeds dogs, golden retrievers. She sells the puppies to the people, mostly to couples. In the weeks before buying the dog clients usually visit Olga at her home once or twice to see the dogs.

Olga will have a conversation with them and makes them an offer. She suggests to the couples to gather together at one place on a certain date, so that all couples can receive the dogs together. Olga explains to them that there is a vision behind the selling of the puppies, which is to promote good marriages and good families. Loving families are a benefit not only for parents and children, but for the pets as well. Puppies, just like people, want to dwell where there is real love. Olga asks her guests to attend a ceremony which promotes fidelity in marriage and harmony in the family. Marriages and families of goodness give benefit to humankind and to nature, the creation.

In this way she has been holding several Blessing-ceremonies in the past ten years. The program she conducts in four parts; first there is an explanation on the meaning of the Blessing, next there is the Holy Nectar ceremony, followed by the Holy Water ceremony and concluded by the Blessing Vows. The ceremony was usually held in her own home. Sometimes there were 7 couples, sometimes 9, once even 12 couples came.

Now there was the possibility to hold the ceremony in Glory House. Olga and Derk van Dorsten, who is care taker of the venue, had discussed preparations in detail together.

Saturday afternoon the event took place. Indeed, there was a good turnout. Ten couples came, as well as four “singles” (people who came without their married partner) and a number of children. We did the program in the so-called sun room, from where there is a nice view of the sea. Olga offered warm words of welcome. I gave an explanation on the meaning of the Blessing. I emphasized why it is so important that a new Blessing from God be given on marriages of true love and fidelity.

Our guests participated with enthusiasm. All attendants drank the Holy Nectar, following the example of the representative couple, Derk and Gerdien van Dorsten. Then they

confirmed the “Blessing Vows” (3 in number) with a clear “yes”. There was a very pleasant, harmonious atmosphere, which is probably due to various factors:

  • The event had a spontaneous character; however, it was well organized. Olga was assisted by her own children. Son Remi made the pictures, daughter Chantal and granddaughter Melissa helped out with the distribution of Holy Nectar. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and delicious cake were offered to the people as soon as they arrived. When it was all over people sent many nice reactions to Olga. People had enjoyed the program a lot; they gave particularly nice feedback about the musical performance of our sister Eleanor, who performed two medleys of Gospel songs.
  • Olga had spoken to the people beforehand, so that they were well- informed about the meaning of the ceremony. They were well- prepared for the ceremony and for the more-in-depth explanation.
  • People appreciated the warm, kind, relaxed atmosphere in Glory

House. This special feeling can be seen as a result of the great effort which brothers and sisters have invested into the place in the past years. External details were also appreciated, the beautiful interior of the house, the terrace and the beautiful view.

After the ceremony the Puppies were given to their new owners, couple by couple. The people were of course happy to receive their little dog, but this gladness had gained a deeper dimension based on the preceding program. All was concluded by a group photo on the terrace.

Some more people participated, besides the group of puppy owners. Eleanor Klerkx had brought two ladies from Muslim background.

They appreciated the vision behind the ceremony, the notion that marriage of fidelity is connected to God’s Will.

One brother and one sister, who have been long-standing members of our movement, were also blessed at this event. The sister is from Taiwan, the brother from Brazil. They have both stayed in Korea for several years on mission. They intend to move to Taiwan to live there. They were happy to have their blessing ceremony with us in the Netherlands.

We congratulate our sister Olga with this success. At her advanced age she has found a unique way to put her talents and passion at the service of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. In passing on the Blessing to people this way, she reaches a particular audience. Perhaps, people with a heart for their pet are slightly more open to embrace family values than others. Next challenge, of course, is setting up a way to educate the people further.

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  1. Helen Downey says:

    This is such a wonderful idea from a country of wonderful people!

  2. Waouuu this is so creative! What a good idea! I am so amazed at brothers and sisters creativity to bless people! It is really inspiring! congratulation Olga!

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