Thailand: Heavenly Tribal Messiah School


Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

We had great victory of 3-Day Universal Divine Principle based on Family-ism at Lampan sub-district, Kalasin county, Kalasin province from 19-21 January 2018.

“True Parents’ providence in Thailand had uplifted into another higher level when government and community leaders become Divine Principle lecturer and determine to lead others in community to practice Blessed Family Tradition, study True Parents’ teaching and attend worship service and donation regularly through successful 3-day Universal Divine Principle based on Family-ism to government & community leaders. They want to stand as new Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and FFWPU leaders to lead their community to become Cheon Il Guk.”

This workshop gave amazing victory and confidence for Thailand movement.  All participants are government and community leaders who become so inspired, so positive and want to determine to work for make True Parents’ dream about Cheon Il Guk become realized by establish FFWPU Ideal Blessed Family Community.

Kalasin Heavenly Tribal Messiah team centering on Mrs. Sangkom are working very hard with great talent of how to convey Divine Principle content in the way of universal and inspired all through True Parents’ teaching on family. They apply games and technique from SRS (Divine Principle workshop system based on experiential learning) to let participants understand content of Divine Principle by their heart and get transform.

Dr. Ronnachit Phutthala, Chief of District Officer came to give very inspirational speech to explain the main teaching of True Parents and guide everybody to practice blessed family tradition daily. Nobody get negative but instead they get so inspired, moved into tears and see the hope how can we establish Kingdom of Heaven in their community through True Parents’ teaching. Participants from each village of Lampan sub district establish Home Group and will do worship service regularly and continuously.

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