Taiwan: End of the Year Meeting

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On December 28, 2017, centered on Regional President of Greater China, Prof. Thomas Hwang, we held a national leader’s meeting for the reflection of 2017 and breakthrough 2018.

Through the reflection of 2017, we felt the indebtedness of failing to bring greater results to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents as a special strategic nation. We had some issues to discuss and resolve to make plans and actions to break through in 2018.

At the same time, Dr. Yeon Ah Moon came to Taiwan for the event organized by WFWP-Taiwan, so we invited her to speak to leaders and all members at night on December 28th. Around 140 members attended the gathering. Taiwan church leaders sang a song to welcome Yeon Ah Nim, and Shin Yuh Moon also sang two songs for all participants.

Yeon Ah Nim shared True Mother’s serious heart for the restoration of God’s nation and the loving heart for blessed families and all human being. True Mother had pledged to achieve Vision 2020 in front of Heavenly Parent, and her faith in this goal never faltered. True Mother knows how spiritual world had been prepared in spite of so many difficulties in our real environment. This reflects that we should go beyond ourselves and our situation and unite with the words and instructions of True Mother, in order for spiritual world to work with us.

Leaders and members were so moved by Yeon Ah Nim’s humble attitude and profound words, and make determination to bring victory of Vision 2020.

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